Fact or Fake? Berlin: Your Tour Guide Through Germany's Capital

Welcome to Berlin! Join us for seven themed tours of the German capital. We'll party in nightclubs and popular pubs, descend into Berlin's subterranean world, cheer the city's footballing giants Hertha and Union, stroll through the government quarter, follow the traces of the Wall and sample the cult of the currywurst.

To pass the time in transit, we've salted and peppered the tours with stories from Berlin's history that could be true or false. The answers and many more extras can be found here.

Authors: Martin Kaule and Benjamin Liebhäuser
Translator: Nicolas Kumanoff
Book Cover: Paperback
Size: 11 x 18 cm
Illustrations: 89
Pages: 120
ISBN: 978-3-86153-727-4 (978-3-86153-720-5 german)
Price: 10.00 EUR

Includes coupons worth 90 EUR!

Our tour themes: Government QuarterThe WallCurrywurstCultureBunkersFootballNightlife

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