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1. Who'd have thought? Tomorrow's politicians getting high!

On 11 August 2012, pot smokers from across Germany gathered for the 16th time at the Worldtime Clock in Alexanderplatz to fight for the legalisation of their favourite pastime and the decriminalisation of cannabis. The "Hemp Parade" culminated in a big demonstration at the Brandenburg Gate. The event included, live or as organisers, the usual suspects: the magazine Hanf Journal, Spanish hemp seed producer Dinafem and Dutch fertiliser specialist CANNA. More surprising was the open support by the Young Liberals or JuLis, the youth organisation of the free-market FDP party. Otherwise known for their preference for business suits and gelled coifs, the JuLis turned out in droves for the march. Their regional leader, Justus Leonhardt, told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper: "We want a consistent drug policy that doesn't discriminate." We'll wait and see whether the party leadership hits the German charts like Green party stalwart Hans-Christian Ströbele once did with his "release the hemp" song. With federal elections coming soon, we'd love to see it. Could it help the FDP to peel voters from the Greens, the Left and the Pirates? What better topic for the political talk shows!

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